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Video Presentation:

The techniques effective presenters should use face-to-face also apply when we present via video call. However, when using Skype, Webinar or similar software, there are some challenges that you need to be aware of.

Let’s be honest. Presenting updates, proposals and ideas when you are ‘removed’ as a presenter is tough. And receiving such presentations when you are ‘remote’ can be even tougher! That’s because these types of ‘enabling’ technologies actually disable many of the natural communication cues and sensory tools that we rely on to communicate effectively.

As a result, presentations via Skype and Webinars are often delivered in a flat, boring way. They feel extremely transactional and so impersonal that it’s all too easy for the audience to get distracted or worse, to tune-out.

In this post, we tackle the three biggest challenges to engaging an audience effectively via a video presentation. We focus on maintaining engagement, keeping a remote audience on track, and making the presentation experience enjoyable.

The Covid-19 pandemic has entirely changed the scenario of presentations, replacing face-to-face and in-person meetings, events, and conferences with online video interactions.

Nowadays, presenting to people over a webcam (without their physical presence) is a whole new ball game that, as yet, has only been mastered by a few. If you are someone whose heart pounds, whose mind goes blank and palms get sweaty merely at the thought of addressing a large audience over Zoom, Skype, or other virtual presentation platforms, you are doomed to virtual presentation panic.

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