Globalize your research work at Hematology Congress 2023, Vienna, Austria


There are many options and resources when it comes to recording video presentations of our research for the physical conference. This advice is primarily relevant for research posters, PowerPoint slides and oral presentations. These resources are available to all participating Moderators currently. Below are general instructions on how to record a video presentation of your research as well as some tips and tricks to help keep in mind when creating content.

Preparing To Record:

Practice your presentation as if you were doing it at an in-person venue. The confidence gained from preparation also translates on video. It will also increase the professionalism of the presentation and enhance its overall quality.

Dress for success from head to toe! Video presentations have the potential of reaching audiences all over the world, so it is important to dress accordingly. Business casual is recommended, and even if the camera will not necessarily capture a presenter's lower body it really does help to feel prepared by wearing a complete outfit.

For more details: