Expand your knowledge at Hematology Congress 2023, Vienna, Austria.


At most meetings or conferences, when you present a poster presentation, it means that you will display your poster and be available for viewers to ask questions about your research and how it is represented on your poster. Like an oral presentation delivered with a slideshow, there are many ways to design and present your research on a poster. There are also, however, a few important considerations and conventions to be familiar with.

Hematology Congress 2023 Poster Presentations:

Hematology Congress 2023 will be a physical event consisting of oral, poster, and performance, film and exhibit presentations. Hematology Congress 2023 is a public event which is going to take place on May 22-23, 2023 Vienna, Austria.

• Each poster should be approximately 1x1 M long.

• Poster boards will be provided by the organizers.

• Each poster will be provided with a poster board number.

• All the authors should make sure that they place their poster at the corresponding place with provided poster board number

The title banners should be clearly visible and make sure that the content of the poster should be visible from a distance of 1-2 feet. The banners should clearly indicate the title of the poster and the author’s information.
Use fonts such as Arial/ Times New Roman in a reasonable font size that should be easy to read. The spacing between the lines should also be taken into consideration. A very simple format should be used representing all the details about the research carried by the author.

• Long narrated paragraphs should be avoided. Short phrases and bulleted points should be used in the poster to present the main highlight of the work done.

For greater details, please cross through: https://hematology.healthconferences.org/poster-competition.php